How Dealercars auction work and how can you bid on cars?

At Dealercars auctions, with more than 40 suppliers and leasing banks from all over the Europe, auctioning is kept very simple with us. You can bid on cars with open, blind and BuyNow auctions. You also have the opportunity to purchase lease returns and used cars for your dealership at a profit. Here is an overview!

What is an open auction?

You enter your bid either manually or via our Autobid and bid with other interested parties for that vehicle. The highest bid is checked by the supplier and confirmed in the given case or in the rare case rejected if the bids are too low.

What is a blind auction?

You enter a bid on car the amount that you would pay for chosen vehicle, regardless whether the bid is low or high, but it has to be realistic. At the end of the auction, the bid is checked by the supplier and then either confirmed or rejected.

You will find your current bids and saved vehicles in the "My bids" tab and can get an overview of the cars for which you are the highest bidder or have been outbid.

Your bids are binding, but if you have accidently placed a bid, we recommend that you contact us immediately to help you further! From the moment the supplier has confirmed the bid, however, we must refer you to our TOS, withdrawal from the purchase is only possible with a 20% cancellation fee of the invoice.

What is the ,,BuyNow ''option?

The prices on vehicles in these auctions are fixed as in an online shop. You can press "Buynow" button after you have selected a vehicle and then press "Confirm" and the vehicle is yours.

Under the tab "My vehicles" you will find all your bids and those waiting for feedback from the supplier after the end of the auction, as well as your already purchased and lost vehicles.

Vehicle damage or traces of use can be seen in pictures or in the "Documents" window after you have selected a vehicle. You buy the vehicle as described and documented in the auction, we do not accept any liability for subsequent damage.

After the end of an auction, if you have not won, we can only give information from a few suppliers about what price a certain vehicle was won, just ask us.

What is the process after winning a bid on a vehicle?

After the bid has been confirmed with the supplier, you will receive a Netto invoice from us, the transport price is added here depending on the country and location of the vehicle (transport price list). Within 3 days after we have received your payment, we will arrange the transport of the vehicle and inform you when the purchased vehicle will arrive.

Each vehicle is to be collected from us near Graz, A-8141 Premstätten Sternweg 22. For an additional charge and after consultation with us, however, we can offer home delivery depending on the size of the vehicle on a trailer or by the car itself.

We can assist with transfer plates if necessary.

Depending on the supplier, you will receive the documents and papers upon collection or by post.

Best Regards, your Dealercars Team!

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