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Dealercars is an auction platform for used cars from the EU and Austria exclusively for dealers and traders from all over Europe.


As a car dealer it is important to find the best possible cars at the best possible prices to stay competitive. A great way to acquire quality cars at affordable prices is to participate in used car auctions.


We offer you weekly on our car auctions over 10.000 inspected vehicles of all brands including Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Skoda, Seat, Ford, Peugot, Renault, Citroen, Hyundai, Toyota, Mazda, Volvo and many more from countries like Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Italy ect.


Simple and straightforward, you can buy the perfect car online at our auction without much effort or directly at the push of a button as buy now, we take care of the transport, the processing of the documents and are available for any question around the clock to provide you with the best service.


In addition, you will receive your vehicle reconditioned free of charge at our location and do not have to invest any time or costs yourself.


If you wish, we can deliver your vehicle directly to you to save you time.


We are a family business and one of the most important components for us is to help you with every step to get the best deal for you!


Are you looking for a special vehicle? We can import your desired vehicle for your car dealership on request!

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