Why buy cars at auction?

Many dealers still go back to the old tried and tested way of buying cars privately or from each other, which in itself is not wrong, but you should also look at the European market and broaden your horizons in this respect, because there is a lot going on on the auction platforms for dealers. On the question of why you should buy your car stock online, the answer is actually quite simple. As a car dealer, it is important to find the best possible cars at the best possible prices in order to stay competitive. A great way to acquire quality vehicles at affordable prices is to participate in used car auctions. By buying cars on auction platforms, car dealers can access a wider range of vehicles from different regions and categories, adding to their inventory diversity and improving their sales opportunities. In addition, auctions can speed up the buying process by offering a quick and efficient purchasing process with transparent price quotes and a wider selection of vehicles. By participating in auctions, car dealers can increase their profitability, offer their customers more choice and strengthen their position as competitors.

What are the advantages of buying cars at auction?
As a dealer, there are several advantages to buying cars at auction:

1. price advantage: at auctions you can often get better prices than when buying new or used cars on the traditional market.

2. wider choice: Auctions offer a wider range of cars and vehicles, including rare models and makes that are hard to find on the open market.

3. faster procurement: auctions allow dealers to acquire a vehicle quickly and efficiently without relying on time-consuming negotiations or buying inventory.

4. transparency: auctions offer transparent and fair procedures to ensure that every bidder has an equal chance to acquire a vehicle.

5. potential profits: if a dealer buys a vehicle at a price lower than the market value, he can increase the selling price and thus make a higher profit.

How do I find the right car to buy at auction?
As a dealer at an online auction, there are a few things you should consider when looking for the right car:

1. determine your target group: think about who your potential customers are and what kind of cars they are looking for. Then search specifically for cars that fit into that category.

2. set a budget: set a maximum budget that you want to spend at the auction. This will prevent you from being tempted to spend too much money at the auction.

3. check the condition of the vehicle: make sure you check the vehicle thoroughly before bidding. Look for damage, mileage, tyre condition and other important factors.

4. Read the terms and conditions of the auction: Read the terms and conditions of the auction carefully to make sure you meet all the requirements and that you know what to expect from the seller.

5. compare prices: Compare prices of similar vehicles on the used car market to make sure you get a good deal.

6. bid strategically: don't place a bid too early, but wait until the end of the auction is approaching. Then bid strategically so as not to drive up the price unnecessarily.

Be patient: If you don't find a suitable car at auction, be patient and wait for the next opportunity. There are always new auctions where you can find the right vehicle.

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